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Challenging, Creative, & Nurturing

A Complete Developmental Program

For more than 40 years,  Hopkinton Christian Preschool has focused on the needs of students by offering a Christian-based and cognitively challenging program for children 2.9-5 years old in a safe, creative, and nurturing environment.

About Orange Curriculum

We love the Orange Curriculum. It was developed as a tool for Christian educators to partner with parents in order to have a greater impact on the children in their care. 

Orange believes that “every kid is made in the image of God and has the potential to do incredible things!” 

There are monthly themes, with a song to fit each one. Each character that shares the weekly Bible story becomes a familiar part of our classroom to remind students that they are loved all the time and uniquely suited for something great! They are truly “wonderfully made!” (Psalm 139:14)

Our Daily Routines

We start each day with a morning meeting to discuss what the day will bring. We talk through the calendar, the weather and assign special jobs to our students during this time. 

Skill Building

Themed Story

Problem Solving


Art & Music


Morning Program

The core of our academics happens during our morning program (9 am to 12 pm). Our teachers set up learning centers daily that provide children time to explore several different subjects throughout the morning. Each center is designed to give students math, science, early literacy, or social/emotional focused learning experiences through play and experimentation. 

Snack Time

We have a snack time later in the morning. Students sit together at the table and are able to enjoy quiet conversation while they eat. *All food is sent in with students and must be nut free.

Gross Motor Time

Every classroom is given 30 to 45 minutes of gross motor time either on our playground or, if the weather does not allow for outdoor play, in our full-sized gym space that is equipped with bikes, balls, and other activities that help in the development of those key gross motor skills. 

Second Meeting 

There is typically a second meeting time after recess that may include the weekly Bible story or a book from our library that builds on the lesson plan at that time. This meeting is then followed by an activity that coincides with the story or theme that was discussed. 

Dismissal or Lunch

At 12 pm, it is time for our morning students to head home. The students staying for the afternoon program will head to the large group room to have their lunch. Once lunch is finished, they will have another opportunity to run and play together outside or in the gym. There is a short, 30 minute rest period to give students time to quiet their bodies and get ready for the afternoon’s activities.

Afternoon Program

Each afternoon is geared to give students access to more in-depth, focused learning around a specific subject like STEM, Live Literacy, Art Class, and more! 

Snack and Dismissal

Students will have another opportunity to sit for a snack and talk with their peers before they head home at 3 pm. 

Preschool classroom

Learning Centers

All the classrooms have multiple different areas for creative play, quiet reading, as well as a creation station for painting. Math and science stations are set up according to our monthly thematic units and different curriculum. There is a large rug for circle time and a calendar to discuss days of the week, the seasons, and weather. Toys and manipulatives are rotated throughout the classrooms monthly.

We also have a shared space for a story room with an interactive science center where children can begin exploring using magnifiers and fossils. There is a sand/water/rice table for sensory play and a train table for social play.